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10 Benefits of Outsourcing your Film & Animation Requirements

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10 Benefits of Outsourcing your Film & Animation Requirements

Many people will have watched or read about how successful video content can be in strengthening your online presence, but not everyone is sure about how to approach or actually implement it. 

In 2017 hubspot reported that 65% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool and as of January 2019, they suggest that this now stands at 87%.

Irrespective of whether you are part of the 87% on board or the 13% yet to enter into the realms of video – Sofia in our business development team has come up with 10 reasons for you to consider outsourcing your film and animation requirements!

So grab a coffee (and maybe even a biscuit) and let’s get started…..

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1. Quality

There is no doubt that a film or animation produced by professionals looks and sounds great - whatever platform you are sharing on!

Producing something that looks amazing and tells a story makes people want to watch. It draws the audience in...so posting a high quality piece of content will more than likely allow for better interaction and engagement.

Even if you aren't a video connoisseur, I can almost guarantee that you have stopped watching something online because it's shot terribly, the sound isn't right, there's no story or you just don't know what's happening. Remember, if your content looks amazing - then so will your organisation.

2. Advice & Guidance

First things first, any good production company should be able to guide you with creative advice as to how to develop something that fits within your budget. So be upfront and honest about what you have to spend and in turn, you will get an honest answer as to what can be achieved. 

When outsourcing to a production company, the team behind your video are all professionals in their field and will be able to provide you with expert knowledge and support. You might think “how hard can it be?” but production companies exist because it isn’t as easy as you may first anticipate....

A great video needs to tell a story and this involves planning, creative and experienced crew and amazingly talented editors. One of our longstanding clients captured this perfectly in a testimonial they provided early last year – 

“When you think about making a film, the initial thoughts are that it will be fairly straight forward…. it really isn’t! The film needs to flow to keep the audience interested and the visuals need to capture the imagination, even if it's a short film. The expertise of the Digifish team really come into play here and they help to make the process as straight forward as it can be.”

Even if you want to incorporate something that your chosen production company aren't able to do in-house, they will almost certainly have a little black book of connections so that they can make arrangements with the right people.

They know the process like the back of their hands and with their knowledge it means that you can avoid the need for a costly trial and error approach.

3. Consistency

To really strengthen your online presence, it is important that you are consistent. Sharing other people’s content every few weeks on an ad hoc basis is likely to just get lost in the online ether. We've all been there!

However, if you have a collection of high-quality video content that is regularly being uploaded, you are more likely to effectively reach your audiences and strengthen your brand.

According to research by Wyzowl, 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video…so you might even get a few more sales out of it too!

4. Save Money

This is where a lot of people’s ears will prick up....

  1. Equipment - The first area in which you will save on costs is equipment. If you are thinking about creating your own videos then you will more than likely to need to buy some gear. Have you ever looked into buying a camera, lenses, tripods, lights, gimbals? If not, let me tell you this - it isn't cheap! Working with a production company will mean that they already have all the equipment required (in most cases) and if they don’t, then they know where to get it or who to borrow it from, therefore making the process a lot more efficient and economical.

2. Employing an internal team – Anyone working in HR will probably tell you that recruitment can be a time consuming and expensive process. Aside from this, once you have your new team in place, you need to make sure that they are busy. An in-house crew will only give you an advantage if they are actually producing video content. So if you are generating a large amount of content - great! If not, then your team are going to be costing you money....money that could be invested elsewhere.

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5. Save Time

Working out the logistics of how to put a film or animation together, buying the equipment, testing the equipment and learning how to use it to its true potential will take time. And that’s before you have even started to actually produce the content.

I can almost guarantee that once you have the equipment, it will stay in the box on your desk because you will instead be focussing on your clients and running your business.

Handing a project over to a production company will usually ensure that things run a lot smoother and a lot quicker.

6. Understand Current Trends

Every production company is backed by amazingly creative individuals who live and breathe film and animation. This means that they are up to date with the latest trends and styles as well as different platforms for sharing.

A very basic example of this is, did you know that in 2017 85% of videos were watched without sound. If not, then you probably wouldn’t have thought about having text on screen, captions or subtitles on your video.

If you outsource and give your chosen company a brief and a budget, they will no doubt create something that's modern and inspiring. 

7. Meet Deadlines

Whatever industry you are in, your client’s paid work will always come above doing things for yourself! Producing your own video content can therefore often get left behind or pushed back, meaning you miss key promotional opportunities for your brand.

Outsourcing to a production company means that it’s all taken care of leaving you to concentrate on your business. All you will need to do is provide feedback and sign-off.

8. Involvement

When you’re too involved, it’s often hard to see the bigger picture. This can sometimes lead to you falling into bad habits, such as using jargon or telling people what you think they want to hear as opposed to what they actually want to hear. It’s all too easy to go onto autopilot and come out with your sales spiel, but is that really what the audience want to hear? 

Outsourcing to a production company means that they can work with you from start to finish and give you fresh insights into your business. Things that you consider as standard practice may actually be a unique selling point.

In our experience, getting our award winning scriptwriters involved early in the process allows us to develop a really targeted and engaging script. They take your brand, your aims and desired call to action to create a narrative that resonates with your intended audience. 

9. Technical Knowledge

How many times have you taken a video of picture on your phone and it’s been the wrong way around, had a thumb over the lens, been upside down or back to front when you upload it online? When you outsource, you will not only get a really high-quality final piece, but it will also be sized and suited to the platform that you are wanting to share it on.

You can even get one video produced and delivered in several different aspect ratios.**Just make sure that you make the production team aware of this from the start as it may affect the way in which they film / animate a piece.

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10. Bespoke

If you are creating a film or animation that will promote your company or brand, then you want it to be bespoke to you. There are lots of online apps and websites that claim that you can create your own bespoke content using their templates, however at the end of the day it’s still a template. Another brand or even competitor could have the exact same content as you...only with their logo at the start/end.

By commissioning a production company, you can rest assured that the final piece will be bespoke to you, your values and your brand guidelines.

So there you have it....

Sofia’s 10 reasons for considering outsourced film and animation. As with anything, we are sure there are also many benefits of doing the work in-house, particularly if you are producing a lot of content on a regular basis. These points only skim the surface and it is always important to consider your options as well as what is best for you and your business.

If you want to know more about how your business could benefit from video content then reach out to a few production companies or creative agencies and see what they come up with. You might just be surprised as to what video can do for you!