Our Time filming The Elvis Years

Last summer, we travelled down to the Marlowe Theatre to film the live concert production, The Elvis Years. It was a multi-camera shoot, as we captured the show from all angles, from slow-motion, to steadicam filming, wide angles and more, all shot in 4K. The concert featured Mario Kombou, from the famously well-known West End musical ‘Jailhouse Rock’. We filmed the entire two hour concert, featuring over fifty hit songs of Elvis, and produced the finished full-length concert on DVD, which is now available to purchase in retail stores. We were incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to capture The Elvis Years and of course, work with the talented Mario Kombou himself. 

We were also commissioned to create their official video trailer, to promote the concert as it continues to tour the UK and Europe. We incorporated the most representative moments of the full concert, to highlight the moments of Elvis’s career and tease the audience into attending the live shows. 

So how did we do it? Well, it was a full day’s filming, arriving at the theatre early morning where we begun staging the steadicam shots from rehearsals, which is how we achieved the close-up video footage on stage of Mario performing each song. Once the live show began in the evening, we then had seven of our camera operators filming the live event from different angles. Once we got back to our Digifish offices, our editors worked their magic to bring together the best of the seven different camera angles of the show into one mighty great full length concert DVD.

Are you interested in seeing The Elvis Years’ trailer? You can give it a watch down below. But also, we must add - if you haven't had the opportunity to attend The Elvis Years, we urge you to check out the full length film. You wont be disappointed!