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We take you exclusively behind the scenes filming Shed Seven’s music video ‘Room in my House’

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We take you exclusively behind the scenes filming Shed Seven’s music video ‘Room in my House’

The filming of the latest Shed Seven music video at Wentworth Woodhouse in Sheffield recently turned out to be a huge undertaking with 35 cast and crew. Freelancer Andy Little co-directed the piece with Paul Banks (Creative Director). 

In all, there were 14 scenes and a band performance filmed in one day. 

Thanks to all the hard work of the team on the day, we couldn’t have achieved the results we did. We interviewed Paul and Zoe, our Producer, to get their perspectives on how the day went:

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Paul Banks

Although my original concept was very much a celebratory piece, I wanted to create a slightly darker video for ‘Room In My House’ - a bold performance from the band capturing the energy of our live shows, littered with nostalgic easter eggs for fans of the band.

The initial concept of bringing back old characters from past videos came about purely by chance. I was discussing possible ideas for the video with Rick Witter and it just seemed to appear out of nowhere, which is what often happens when Rick and I write music together - just like the song itself! When writing ‘Room In My House’, it just felt right, straight from the start.   

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From corner wider shoulder rigIMG_0264-1.jpg

It was important that we gave all the character segments a slight twist on the original videos. I wanted to show these characters trapped in purgatory. A concept that I would always explain to the cast and crew throughout production was that these character segments were intended to be the different rooms in Rick’s memories - which is why the character vignettes feel slightly off kilter to the originals.

The idea seemed so straight forward until it hit me that we were trying to pull off the impossible. Where were we going to find the same costumes, props and similar looking actors and actresses in just 2 weeks! Oh and a venue that had all the different looks we required.

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Thankfully I have worked in film since 2002 and co-founded production company www.digifish.tv in 2007. I have had an incredible 10 years working all over the world producing and directing videos and content for some great bands and brands including The Stone Roses, The Script, The Charlatans, James, The Black Keys, Madness, Sony, EA Sports and V Festival. During that time, I have built up a network of the most talented team of people to work with - so it was time to call in a few favours!

Pre-production was tight but thanks to Zoe, Andy & Paul Hollingsworth at Digifish, we pulled it all together just in time, although we are still waiting for our 1st choice of juggling balls to arrive from eBay!

Shoulder rig filmingIMG_0154-1.jpg
Rick from speakerIMG_0240-1.jpg

With over 30 people involved, we filmed the video over one very long day at Wentworth Woodhouse in Sheffield - a stunning location often used for period dramas and films (although I think secretly Wentworth loved having a band in for the day).

Watching the video again just before I wrote this, I still can’t quite believe that we achieved everything we did. It’s all testament to our amazing crew who pulled out all the stops to make this happen - so a massive thanks to them!

Apparently you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but that day my two worlds collided and out of it came something stunning - a proper highlight for both Digifish & Shed Seven. 

I can’t wait for Shed Seven fans to see the video and it will be interesting to see how many references they spot… some are not as obvious as others! 



Only four weeks into my role, I was thrown into one of Digifish’s biggest projects – the music video for Shed Seven’s comeback single, ‘Room in my house’.

With only a turnaround time of about 2 and a half weeks, we frantically set about piecing together everything required – from venue, to actors, from props to catering. I was instantly made to feel like I had my part to play, visiting the venue, being updated on all things Shed Seven, and was eager to do a good job. Production meetings with our Creative Director, Paul Banks and our Producer, Paul Hollingsworth, were informal and open but it was clear from the get go what Paul Banks envisaged for his band’s video. Between the three of us, we managed to delegate who was responsible for what and when. I was able to contribute a costume hire company that I had dealt with from past theatre productions – hearing my manager’s satisfaction at finding a local company that could most certainly deliver made me feel like I was proving myself and had something to offer. Along with our freelance Camera Operator and Assistant Director, Andy Little, I assessed the costumes and sent them for approval to Paul. I greatly enjoyed assisting with the hire of actors, contacting them, putting together the call sheet (I love the look of a perfectly designed and detailed document!) then meeting them all on the day. Catering was also my department and I was greatly assisted by runner Chris Taylor and Special Effects/Make Up Artist Marie Hollingsworth – the number of people I met that day was brilliant - new faces everywhere!

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James filming Paul watches-1.jpg

It was full throttle from start to finish and I will forever cherish the experience. The band were humble, no diva strops in sight, our freelancers and production team were incredibly hard-working and mesmerising to watch. Everybody involved got really stuck in. A highlight would be seeing history being made – when Shed Seven are remembered in years to come for their stellar work, I can always say, I was there. Digifish are opening my eyes to the wonderful world of film production in the most fabulous way – better than I could have ever imagined!

Check out the music video below and watch the Behind The Scenes footage taken on the day to get an insight into all the work that went into producing this music video production.