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3 reasons why your organisation will benefit from animation in the educational sector

Digifish News
3 reasons why your organisation will benefit from animation in the educational sector

The educational sector have been using video marketing for years. From online training courses to promotional videos. With 16 years experience in the industry, we can positively say: animations are here, and they’re here to stay.

We’ve rounded up our top 3 reasons why your organisation can benefit from animation marketing and why it’s the best strategy to raise awareness, create an online community and stay connected with your students going into 2018.


Stay connected with existing students & raise awareness to potential students

Your students will be proud to be a part of your college or university. Make sure you connect with them regularly through social media, in a way that interests them and encourages them to promote their college and connect with their faculty. Animations are a great way to do this. One of our projects for York St John’s University was to create a variety of short social media animations promoting the local area and ‘things to do’ in York. It was a highly successful campaign allowing the university to connect both with their existing students and raise awareness to potential students.

Animation allows you to get personable without compromising professionalism

No matter how old you are, let’s face it: we’ll always have a soft spot for animation. It’s fun, humorous, and an incredibly friendly way of teaching an educational module or promoting a college or faculty. With animation, the possibilities are limitless and you can be as creative as you like.


Animation allows you to create a community and share achievement

Plan, execute and repeat. Once your social media strategy is in place, all you need to do is repeat. Animation is a fantastic way of sharing achievement and creating a community. More and more, the educational sector is investing in branded animation because it has a massive appeal to your target audience. Animation creates interest and engagement and is a fun way to appeal to customers of all ages.

Get in touch if you are involved in education and want to brainstorm some ideas with us at Digifish HQ. It could be just the new and on-trend method of engagement you were looking for!