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Merry Christmas from us!

Digifish News
Merry Christmas from us!

With only a few more sleeps until Christmas, we gathered everyone around to discuss another great year at Digifish HQ. We’ve had some incredible milestones this year, including our 10th anniversary, and it’s all thanks to people like you. 

So here’s a few of our personal highlights from 2017:

Laura: My 2017 highlight has been to watch the Mark Hill TV commercial aired. In general terms; it has been our best year yet and I continue to love the diversity of projects that we are commissioned to produce. We have recently completed a project for North Yorkshire Police that I can’t wait to share.

Paul B: My highlight was bringing Digifish and Shed Seven under one roof to create the ‘Room in my House’ music video. During the pre-production and on the filming day itself, it felt like everything that we’ve learnt as a team over the last ten years we put into that one project. It didn’t just feel like we were there to make the best video for Shed Seven, but it felt like all the guys that were working on it were pulling out all of the stops to make it the best thing that we’ve ever done. I have massive respect to everyone that was involved. 

Matt: I have two main highlights in 2017, one has been working on the social marketing and music videos for Shed Seven’s new album and tour, it was great to watch it all come together and very proud to be personally credited on the album itself! The other is delving into the rich histories of the heritage and culture projects that have been commissioned this year, in particular editing the ‘Queens of Industry’ documentary and both working on and learning all about the amazing history of the Rock against Racism movement in Leeds.

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Zoe: Only a few months in to the company, my favourite highlights are in abundance! But one that significantly stands out is the moment I felt I’d earned my place - both my boss and colleague said how it felt like I’d been there forever. Whether that was because I was doing a good job or already driving them mad after a short period of time, I’ll never know! But it was certainly recognition enough for me.

Paul H: Spending 4 days at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain, with Shed Seven. What an incredible opportunity it was, to film and photograph Behind the Scenes content as the lads recorded their latest album, which I was subsequently credited on..


Sofia: Since joining Digifish earlier this year, I have learnt a great deal! My highlight is the fact that I am continually intrigued and inspired by both my creatively amazing colleagues, our clients and the projects/subject matters that we are commissioned to portray. 

Spoiler Alert: I am looking forward to seeing the animation for West Yorkshire Museums Partnership (which is currently in production) and I also can’t wait for filming to begin on our most recent Temple Newsam exhibition piece. Keep your eyes peeled!

Frances: It was great to launch the video marketing training series this year. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback already and it’s been great to help people understand the video production process and how it can help you with your business or organisation.  

Nico: Currently unavailable as he has gone back home to Chile for Christmas.


Thank you again for working with us in 2017 and we look forward to some new and even more exciting projects in the new year. We will be closing our offices at 12 noon today and will be opening our doors again on the 3rd January 2018!