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7 Reasons why Video needs to be a part of your Marketing Strategy

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7 Reasons why Video needs to be a part of your Marketing Strategy

With more and more businesses using Video Marketing as a necessary component of their latest Marketing Strategies, we dive into the real reasons it has become a fundamental strategy today, and how it helps your business. With over a decade of experience in producing Video content for all sizes of businesses, we’re sharing our insights into the current market needs. 

1. Shareable on Social Media

We know for a fact that engaging content is highly shareable on social media. We also know that video content is the most engaging form of content online. More and more, social networking platforms are geared towards encouraging video sharing, so whatever business you are in, you can target this growing trend. 

2. Excellent ROI

Yes, that’s right - 76% of businesses say that video provides excellent return on investment. Video marketing produced to a professional standard with a clear message and strategy behind it can guarantee your return on investment and ultimately grow your business. 

3. Build trust with your videos

Video gives you an insight into a company or small business’ culture, brand, product and service. Top tip: sharing free content through video is a great marketing tool - it allows you to build trust with a brand. 

4. Increase your SEO

Google loves video. The more time you spend on a website, the more Google thinks it has valuable content and therefore increases SEO. Video content on your landing page is the greatest way to keep your audience on your website for longer, resulting in higher rankings. 

5. Video helps explain

Explainer videos have recently landed everywhere. A huge 98% of users say they've watched a video to learn more about a product or service. Explainer videos are a great way of helping your audience, thus building trust and ultimately boosting sales. 35% would register with a brand and share basic personal info in exchange for free, compelling content. 

6. Video Ads

Targeting your audience online through video marketing is a great investment. With the powerful tools of social networking platforms allowing you to target specific groups of people, it’s no secret that video ads, including pre-roll YouTube videos deliver results. 54% reported the value of content isn't lost to consumers even if sponsored by a brand. 

7. Email Campaigns

It’s a well known fact that video increases your click through and open rates on email campaigns. Why not send your database customers a video to boost engagement from the offset?