Forward to Victory!

Forward to Victory was our latest collaboration with York Castle Museum, where we produced and filmed for the York Museums Trust a promenade theatre piece using actors from York Theatre Royal's Youth Theatre group. Filmed over three nights, the short film - set in 1917 - captured an interactive theatre piece taking place in the old streets of the Castle Museum with the audience being part of the performance.

Photos from the finished piece.

The Youth Theatre group of actors brought to life a moment in time in 1917. The story unfolded around the everyday life at that time, with the audience being able to look onto the story as it was happening. Here at Digifish, our mission was to capture the piece of theatre as if it had been staged, with the difficulties of it playing out in real life in the narrow streets and shops. A challenge to film, the footage was able to portray not only the story but the audience reaction to the events.

Forward to Victory’ was a fantastic project which brought together the drama and energy of York Theatre Royal’s Youth Theatre and the stories of the First World War collections of York Castle Museum, in the arena of Kirkgate - our recreated Victorian street.
— Lucy Knock, York Museum Trust

The short documentary that accompanied the film production, interviewed audience members as well as the Theatre Production team. The audience were clearly moved by the powerful and poignant storyline of the young men volunteering to go off to war with the uncertainty of perhaps never to return. 

Our team had three filmmakers on this project, including a steadicam - essential for the dynamic nature of the piece. It was then edited with cinematic grading, which gave the piece a historical aesthetic.  

The project culminated in a fleeting theatrical performance which we wanted to capture on film. Digifish were our automatic choice after having worked with them on previous museum projects, and been overwhelmed by the stunning results. We are so pleased with the ‘Forward to Victory’ films they produced for us; absolutely magnificent visuals which captured the atmosphere and feeling of the piece so accurately. Paul Hollingsworth and his team were a pleasure to work with over the week of filming and were patient, flexible and extremely professional.
— Lucy Knock, York Museum Trust
The film will be shown on gallery in the Castle Museum as part of our HLF funded exhibition, ‘1914 When the World Changed Forever’. It demonstrates how young people have been engaged with the stories and collection of the First World War through this project.
— Lucy Knock, York Museum Trust