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How to produce a successful event film

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How to produce a successful event film

We have been producing live event films for over a decade now. With the rise in social media, event videos are now a real way to showcase your company, artist or performer in the moment, and can therefore, be much more engaging than conventional marketing methods. Here are 6 top reasons why producing successful event films are so important for your marketing!

Highlights video

If you have an up-coming event, why not produce a highlights video of the day? Much more powerful than just photographs, having live footage of the event allows the audience to engage with the success experienced during the day. There are endless marketing possibilities that go on long after the event itself. 30 second social media clips can keep the event in the mind of your audience for weeks afterwards and if the event is annual or regularly occurring, the highlights video is a great way to encourage participation in future events.

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Sponsorship video

Do you have a presence at somebody else's event this year? Perhaps a sponsored stall at a

festival? Why not get behind-the-scenes footage of the day to promote on social media? Better still, bring along some high profile individuals and film their interactions with the public, with your product firmly in focus. We recently collaborated with Dorset Cereals whilst filming at the Cornbury Music Festival. Having a film crew and The Michalaks YouTube family present was a great way to reach the target audience through social media. Being able to upload video edits/photos on location on the same day as the event, made the whole event more real and in the moment.

If your company is looking to sponsor an event, this is a great way to prove how pro-active your business is. Find out which relevant events are coming up - video could make the biggest marketing impact of your year!

Exhibitor video

If you are hosting the event, producing engaging videos of the day could be a great way for you to encourage new exhibitors on board for future events. Potential exhibitors are much more likely to get involved with future projects if they can see how well previous ones were attended.


Webinars are a recent innovation allowing companies to showcase their experience or expertise in their field. Companies will often have guest speakers at seminars or create their own seminars to engage with their customers or promote new products. Have a film crew record the event and you have the footage for a Webinar to go on your website - those customers who couldn't make it to the main event have instant access to what happened on the day. Creating clickable new and original content for your website helps enormously with the SEO of your website. Video is a fantastic way to help your website climb to the number one spot in Google rankings!

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Award videos

If your company or staff have been nominated for any awards, film coverage of the presentation ceremony can be put to great effect on social media or your website. It adds credibility to the expertise within your organisation and should be celebrated through all your relevant business channels!

Social media videos

These are a really cost-effective way of communicating your brand message to your target audience. You can produce a short 3-5 minute promotional video and create a series of short 30-60 second videos on specific brand messages, expert knowledge or just the fun ethos within your business. If scripted in advance, all these videos can be filmed on one day. However, the marketing impact of these videos can last for months, if not years. Making them a feature on the website, rolling them out as Blogs and social media content, they are a guaranteed, cost-effective way of getting your brand message to your target audience. The Google Search Engine will be loving all this new original, and most importantly, VIDEO content - all the ingredients for an engaging and dynamic company internet presence!

Event Videos are a great way of capturing the essence of your company! It means that the big events your company organises can have a lasting marketing impact providing fresh, new and original content! We have years of experience filming big events, so get in touch today and give your event the massive marketing impact it deserves!