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The University of York Electronics Department Animation Project - a 3D world created!

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The University of York Electronics Department Animation Project - a 3D world created!

Check out the creative ideas behind our recent animation project for the University of York. 

The original idea was to show how electronics is used in many aspects of modern life, namely Health, Entertainment, Environment, Transport and Agriculture. Therefore, we built our concept around the idea of a busy city, in miniature, and then tried to put in some “fun” details like you would find in the “Where’s Wally” books, to create interest. That's why you will find walking among the humans some bananas, monkeys and skeletons!


Naturally, the city had to have a hospital for health, a train station for transport, green areas for the environment and a farm for agriculture. For entertainment, we focused on home entertainment so we animated a house to illustrate this. With video gaming being such a big part of home entertainment, we decided to make the whole city behave like a video game with roads crossing and the whole city in constant movement. Isometric graphics are a great way to create a 3D world from a 2D platform.


The city itself was created in Adobe Illustrator with the street layout being set out first, followed by designing the city block by block from the centre outwards. The most difficult thing was to create the flow of vehicles and people, in terms of avoiding crashes and run overs! It is all a seamless loop so this city could go on for ever and ever. 

After all this was completed, it was easy to then animate what was necessary, add the camera zooms on the main characters and work on the captions.

The end result is a fun 3D world of electronics! This style of animation is always going to appeal to the youthful target audience looking to start a new career and degree in electronics. 


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