Do you know we do TV commercials?

Do you know we do TV commercials?

With nationwide marketing campaigns, launching a TV ad is a way of getting your brand seen by millions and an effective way of building brand awareness. We’ve produced commercials for the likes of Sony, Richer Sounds, Gear4Music and more - ads you will have no doubt seen before. 

Did you know that TV commercials are more affordable than ever before? Advances in technology, animation & film-making now mean that it is possible to create stunning and glossy TV commercials for a fraction of what they would have cost 5 years ago. 

Many people think it’s the same process to making an online promotional video, but it’s not! There are so many other things to consider with TV advertising, so here’s a couple of things to note.

Marketing considerations

Who is your target audience? What program will they most likely be watching on television and at what time? Once you’ve done your research and know who you’re targeting, you can start to think about your script and the creative you want to share. 

Strict deadlines come into play

Once you have your airing date, its important to schedule your filming day(s) whilst factoring in time to send off your advert and script for Clearcast approval. Your video will need to be authorised to go on TV and the claims you are making in your ad need to be 100% correct. Clearcast also give your ad the appropriate timing restriction instructions for the broadcasters, and then handles the delivery of your ad. 

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The details you might not have thought about

If you want to include superimposed text, then you need to consider legal “supers” text size to make sure your text is large enough to be read clearly on screen. When it comes to post-production, colour grading is also an important step. You need to ensure the blacks and whites in the commercial adhere to the legal limit!

And finally, adding a 30 second countdown clock to the start of your advert is a necessary component for scheduling reasons. But you can leave that to us, just another element for you to be aware of!

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Once your ad gets uploaded to an online platform that takes care of airing the adverts, you know it’s all ready and good to go. It is a much longer process, but the excitement and ROI your business gains from launching a nationwide ad is incredibly rewarding. New developments in how TV commercials are aired, are making TV advertising much more cost effective. Sky AdSmart is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising which levels the playing field, meaning you can get your TV commercial on the major channels but just to target your demographic

Interested in going national with your ad? Give us a call today if this is something you are interested in and we can help you turn it into a reality.