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Half Term Childhood Memories

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Half Term Childhood Memories

Half term has arrived! A moment all the children around the UK have been looking forward to - this is the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy plenty of rest and spend some lazy days on the sofa watching their favourite cartoons. Do you remember half term when you were a child? You must all have memories of the films and programmes you used to watch over and over again when you were little. 

So this week we caught up with the team to ask them for their favourite film they used to watch in their childhood years and why they loved it so much!


Paul: My favourite TV programme when I was a kid was Battle Of The Planets. It was an animated Sci-Fi series and featured five young people as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. I was a massive fan of Star Wars too. Battle of the Planets really tapped into the success of Star Wars and helped feed the Sci-Fi addiction. It was a weekly show on ITV and I used to race home to watch it !!! I’m surprised that no-one has ever adapted it for a big Hollywood live action film… Now there's a thought !!

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Laura: My favourite programme when I was little was Rainbow and my favourite character from Rainbow is George the pink hippo. I remember coming home for lunch from primary school to watch it. I also loved to watch ‘Why Don't You’ featuring a young Ant McPartlin. This was always on in the school holidays!


Nicole: Mine had to be the show ‘Life on Mars’. Such a great TV series, funny, thrilling and has an amazing ending. Fab characters too - my fave being DI Gene Hunt. The only TV series I have ever watched more than once and could watch again and again!


Zoe: Where I first fell in love with Ant and Dec - pretty sure I was sitting and waiting at 9.25am every Saturday. Their take on FRIENDS (my all time fave) with the parody show CHUMS was hysterical. So many special guests! And looking back now, their innuendos and double entendres were lost on me at the time but I rewatch clips as an adult and end up in more hysterics than I did the first time round!

Favourite clip for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwHzrcaMqvw 


Paul H: Favourite show - Power Rangers … I had the whole collection of flipping head figures…Incredible tech… https://goo.gl/images/n3yV4o 

 Also Superman…. I lived in the Superman costume…. There I was, every week…Sunday School... Waistcoat and bow tie on the outside… But nobody knew I was rocking the full blown Superman suit underneath… 

Frances: I have to say, I was quite the Scooby Doo fan! I used to watch it all the time. Not only did I love the mysteries.. but Daphne was my childhood idol! When it comes to films, it was the Spy Kids movies that I loved to watch. I enjoyed them so much I bought my own spy gear…

Sofia: As a child I didn’t really watch much television as my siblings and I were usually outdoors building dens and going on adventures. At my grandparents house we watched episode after episode of Superted which we had on tape. Saturday nights were made for 2 things and 2 things only - Blind Date and Gladiators! It is impossible to just pick one film that I liked as a child. We used to love anything that involved a bit of mischief - so they usually included Robin Williams! Mrs Doubtfire was definitely in the pile as well as Daniel el Travieso (Spanish version of Dennis the Menace). 

Nico: I don’t know if my experience is relevant as these shows weren’t broadcast in the UK… El Chapulín Colorado’ and ‘El chavo del 8. These mexican shows were very famous in all Latin America Robotech. I remember waiting anxiously for each episode.

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What about you, what was your favourite film as a child ? Has that film or programme influenced in any kind of way how you would want your next animation to look like? One thing’s for sure - we’d love to help you out with your future animation or film projects. Give us a call today on 0330 024 0082.