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Behind the scenes with the Sony FS7

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Behind the scenes with the Sony FS7

In this week’s blog, we caught up with our producer and filmmaker Paul Hollingsworth, who chatted us through our number one in-house camera - the Sony FS7. With over three years working with this camera, and having used it on countless video shoots, from documentaries, TV commercials, to social media edits, we’re sharing our experience and insights into this incredible video camera. 


What sets this camera aside for us, is Sony’s longstanding credibility when it comes to video recording. Since the beginning, Sony has produced some of the most reliable and technology-forward video recorders. 

The versatility of the Sony FS7 is second to none. It makes an excellent documentary camera whilst at the same time delivering equally incredible cinematic style footage with super slow motion capacity. It mounts on a steadicam, a slider, shoulder mount - everything we would need it for!

We partner our camera with Canon glass - this is one of the highest quality optics for lenses and performs higher than Sony glass. For us, it’s about using the highest quality equipment to offer un-compromised quality to our clients.


What we love about the camera is it’s ability to adapt the camera settings to cope with what we need it for. More and more of our clients require 4K filming quality which our FS7 delivers. We also shoot a lot of events, and therefore need the continuous focus feature that a video camera offers as opposed to a standard DSLR camera which usually stops filming after 30 minutes. It’s an amazingly customisable camera.

Paul goes on to say: “One of my favourite things about this versatile camera is the fact that you can go handheld with it, because in super slow motion - the stabilisation is close to a steadicam effect! It was so useful to be able to go around the 02 arena filming handheld when we were capturing the live event filming. The fact that the camera has internal slow motion is great - you can then watch it back in slow motion on the camera.”


When on location, another helpful feature of the camera from a client’s perspective is the fact that we use the Atomos Shogun, an output monitor, during filming and for playing back the footage afterwards. It’s a great accessory to attach to the Sony FS7. It’s always good for clients to get an idea, when on location with us, what kind of footage is being captured in real time and whether it’s what they had in mind.

All in all, we love this camera. It has helped us produce so many incredible videos over the years for nationwide and worldwide businesses. If you need some help with your next video, get in touch with us today, we’d love to chat through your requirements with you.