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Our Video Marketing Training Videos

Digifish News
Our Video Marketing Training Videos

Over the past few months, we have published three Video Marketing training videos. With video being the most engaging form of media in digital marketing today, we explained how to set about creating a marketing campaign video or animation from first principles. We guided you through the process - from how to decide between film or animation through to the commissioning process.

Did you know that 84% of conversions happen on the first visit to your brand? This is why choosing to put a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rates. It is all about giving a good first impression to your audience. Video can be a very effective way to promote your service or product - giving your audience a better understanding of your brand which will, ultimately, build trust.

We have more videos coming up! We are very excited to share with you three new training videos that deal with three more topics in relation to film and animation.

The Film Making Process

In this video,  we will be explaining the creative process involved in making a video. From the inception of a project and concept development through to Planning and Location Scouting, Pre-production, Production and Editing, we take you through the steps required to meet your marketing campaign objectives.

The Animation Process

In the next video, we will be guiding you through the process of creating an animation from the initial concepts to storyboarding and scriptwriting. We then go on to the designing, modelling and character rigging stages right through to supporting you in any narration, sound effect and music choices. The great thing about animation is that you can create a world even in 3D that would be just too expensive to produce using normal filming techniques. With animations you can do what you want, you can create any kind of imaginary world! Animation offers endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. If you are on a tight budget, animation can offer real value for money by allowing you to create scenarios that don't require actors or locations.

Placement and Analytics 

Once you have your film or animation, you need to know where to post it so that you can reach the right audience and how to monitor its performance once it’s live. So where would you place your video? Whether you choose your own website or the social media channels, they all have Analytics tools available to monitor the performance of your marketing campaign - understanding who, where and how people are engaging with your video or animation is really important in being able to monitor its effectiveness. 

If you haven't seen our training videos yet, we’d love you to check out our YouTube channel for the first three videos in the series and stay up-to-date when the new ones are launched!