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The Benefits of Event Films

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The Benefits of Event Films

Have you considered getting your next live event filmed professionally? We’re sharing some information about the filming process itself and the key benefits of event filming for any organisation. 

What’s involved in the Filming Process?

In order to maximise your investment, planning and preparation are key to making an event film that can have multiple uses afterwards.  There needs to be a clear brief agreed and from this a list of film shots can be drawn up. Even though an event often has uncontrollable elements to it, there is usually some structure within the organisation of the event that can be used to base the filming on. By having an idea, in advance, as to what might work for Press, Social Media etc., you can ensure that you have enough footage at the end of the day for all eventualities. 

The Multiple Uses of an Event Film

Being able to use the footage to create a marketing impact on several channels from Social Media to Promotional Films, Event Filming is a great way to capitalise on your investment. Having a wealth of readily available content afterwards makes it a very cost-effective and highly engaging form of marketing. Here are just a few of the ways the event footage can be used: 

Website Promotional/Banner Video

Sharing event videos on your website can give a professional and interactive look to your website. They can give more of an insight for your website visitors to understand the work you do and the projects you are involved with, building trust in your organisation and its values.

Social Media Edit

Real-time engagement is possible if short social media edits can be uploaded on the day of an event - particularly useful for weekend events to encourage more people to get involved on subsequent days. 

Publishing event videos on your social media channels is a great way to encourage brand awareness - these should ideally be anything up to 60 seconds. This is the optimum length in terms of engagement levels and also fits the upload criteria for platforms such as Instagram. 

A short social media teaser video from a previous event is a useful way to promote upcoming new events. Our insights show that even a 10 second teaser video can generate similar levels of engagement to a full one minute video! 

Highlights film

Producing a highlights film of the event is a great way to showcase the overall ambience and feel of an event, encouraging brand awareness and engagement with your organisation. It can be used to promote your organisation both online and on social media. 

Send it to press

Videos can be embedded and linked into online blogs, articles and press releases. Never underestimate the power of a video - people will be far more able to engage with this medium than any other. 


Promote your event for next year

Many organisations host a key event annually, and video is a fantastic way to promote an event for many more years to come, whilst also being available for those who did come to the event to recap and watch again.

Add text and motion graphics to your event film and it can then become an online advert for your next event.

Festival season is around the corner

From V Festival, Cornbury Festival, to Country 2 Country, these are only a few of the many festivals we’ve covered event videography for! Are you a business, band or artist attending a festival this summer? Original Content is one of the main criteria used by search engines to secure high rankings and event coverage is ideal for generating new and existing online traffic. 

There’s a lot for you to think about, but we’re experts in capturing what you need from your event. With usually only one to two day’s filming at an event, it might not cost as much as you think! Give us a call today on 0330 024 0082 to discuss your next event and see how we may be able to help.