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How to bake the perfect video

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How to bake the perfect video

If you’re at the stage where you’re considering commissioning a video, but don’t really know what you want or how much you need to budget, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this simple 3-step guide, we’re going to pretend for a minute that you’re actually asking about a cake, just to demonstrate how easy it is to bake… er… make the perfect video with just a bit of planning!

1. Be clear with your brief

Try to figure out as much as you can to help you with your brief then we can give you a much better idea of what would be appropriate and how much it would cost to make. In other words, we make all shapes and sizes of custom cakes… but you will need to have some idea about what flavour (style), what cost, or size you would like. All we can do is provide you with previous examples and work with you from there.

2. Be honest about budgets

Even if you have no idea how much any kind of cake will cost, you’ve probably got a reasonable idea of how much you’d be willing to spend on one before ditching the idea and opting for a biscuit instead !

As long as your budget and goals aren’t completely incompatible, there’s usually a way we can help you have your cake and eat it!

3 .Comparing quotes

If you don’t know whether you’re comparing a profiterole with a pasty – just ask! Anyone worthy of your business should be able to tell you what they’ve done before, what facilities and equipment they have, their team members’ experience and an overview of the main, and any optional, ingredients. Do you require one camera vs two cameras? Built in mic vs specialist sound equipment? Staff pretending.. or professional actors? All our videos include meetings, music, graphics as standard. 

4. Our team’s favourite cakes!

We caught up with the team to chat through their favourite cakes to give you a greater insight into the variety of films you can bake/make. 

Laura loves a hot chocolate fudge cake. Simple, straightforward, quick and easy to make -  no more than one day in a single location, using company employees, these interview style films won’t break the budget but will always deliver a big impact.

Our producer Zoe loves a double chocolate gateau with squirty cream - the moussier the better! This cake is like a talking head film, but with bespoke extra animated graphics on top.

Creative Director, Paul, loves a pineapple upside-down cake with double cream - a classic vintage recipe - an ideal analogy for how we make our historical films - putting together the layers of history for a modern audience.

Nicole adores a tiramisu cake with cream - lots of layers to this elegant cake. With a high level of production before the filming day, these films have the look and feel of a very complex film. It’s all about having a great recipe and how you put the ingredients together on the day!

Nico loves the incredibly complex orange thin layer cake, specifically the 'Torta panqueque naranja’. Not for the faint-hearted, the recipe for this cake would challenge the most serious of bakers! This is like our most complex projects - capturing live action performances in real time. Our event filming can be the most challenging and rewarding of our film projects - Country2Country is a great example.  

Matt always chooses a black forest gateau… swimming in double cream! Very rich and full of layers, it is most like our complex animations, such as those involving the parallaxing and puppeteering techniques. Full of detail and rich graphics, these films pack a lot of information into a relatively short timeframe. 

Sofia loves a good carrot cake! With a full hour in the oven, this cake takes more time to bake but you can really taste all the ingredients at the end making it worth the wait. We like to compare this to our animation work - with most of the time spent on the editing/animating stage.

And that’s it. Just like with cakes, there are infinite possibilities with video and our experienced production team will work with you to create the perfect recipe covering every element of the project from pre-production planning to delivery.

Ready? Fantastic! Drop us a line - let’s start Baking Making your cake!