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How to write the perfect video brief

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How to write the perfect video brief

Every great video requires a well constructed brief. It ensures your video project gets off to a positive start, which will save you money and time in the long run. Here are a few simple tips to help you write the perfect video brief.

1. What are your key messages and who are you targeting? 

Only you will know what message you want to get across, but it always helps to have in mind who you are targeting and why. By defining your audience and purpose, your producers will have a much better understanding of the aesthetic and style you wish to portray in your videos, to ensure they are filmed and animated successfully on brand. 

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2. Remember video has far more impact than words!

A picture paints a thousand words - so the saying goes. This is just as true for video. So if you want to communicate a lot in a short amount of time, it’s important to consider what might be shown through just visuals and music - this can be a great way to get across your key messages. The power of video will bring your brief to life, with or without any voiceover. 

3. What is your goal?

Believe it or not, studies prove that your audience will mostly be driven by an emotional response in their decision making, so it’s important to give some thought as to how you want your audience to feel when watching your video. Define the emotional impact you wish to have on your target audience. 

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4. Be realistic with your budget

Whilst the world is your oyster, be realistic with your budget. You may want flying cars and ponies in the Sahara desert, but these things also cost a lot more. Outline multiple options (if you have some ideas already), but be flexible with these ideas, as your budget will depend on them. Being transparent with your budget can actually help you get as much value as possible from your brief.

Equally, when a brief goes out to several video production companies without any budget mentioned, each company is likely to assume different budget levels and therefore this won’t give you a fair comparison. We recommend telling them your budget and then seeing how each company responds. You will get a true like for like comparison and insight into each video production company’s proposal.

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5. Where will you be sharing your video?

Do you require multiple social media clips at varying lengths, or is this going to go on television? Your brief needs to clearly explain where you will be sharing your video(s). 

Always make sure you mention the final delivery date of your video, and any key events that you require the video to include.

Need some help drafting your next video’s brief? We have over a decade of experience on advising and transforming the perfect brief into the perfect film. Give us a shout on info@digifish.tv