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Creating a Mass Casualty Training Video

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Creating a Mass Casualty Training Video

Training and exercising frontline NHS staff is an important part of being prepared for the significant threat of any major incident occurring in the UK resulting in mass casualties. 

We were recently asked by York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to film a simulated Mass Casualty Live Exercise (LiveX) at Strensall Army Barracks, York.

The hanger in which the event took place had been set up to look identical to Scarborough Hospital, giving all the NHS staff a familiar environment to work in and therefore increasing the realism of the event. 

The exercise involved a large number of volunteers who worked with Trust clinicians, the Army and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service on the day to help create a realistic training environment. These volunteers had special effects make up applied to them to represent the look of some of the types of injuries that have been seen in recent terrorist incidents (e.g. stab and shrapnel wounds).


Over two days and with a crew of 4 people, we were tasked to capture all of the unpredictable action that unfolded, as well as vox pops with senior staff within the Trust and Army.

We incorporated many filming techniques into the production - including the use of a steadicam, allowing us to move around the spaces in a fluid motion, filming at high frame rates for super slow motion footage. This helped create a greater impact of the Response Team doing their job in difficult circumstances.

It was great to be involved in supporting and contributing to the training and development of the front line clinical staff who might need to respond if the worst were to happen and it was fantastic to see the professionalism and collaboration, from both the Trust and Army staff, come into play in such a pressured environment.

No matter what the film brief, we do our best to get creative and capture the footage as realistically as possible. We really enjoyed working on this project and we hope they will achieve the awareness they need with this training video.