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Video For Internal Use as well as External

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Video For Internal Use as well as External

People often rave about the benefits of externally marketing their business through video content. Nonetheless, have you considered your organisation could also benefit with internal videos? Our content varies greatly depending on our client’s needs, but we create both internal and external videos all the time. 

So what are the benefits of both internal and external videos? 

Internal videos are a fantastic tool for communicating with your organisation. We are often stuck using more traditional tools, such as written manuals, expensive training sessions and emailed HR updates. However, nowadays, companies are investing in video. It’s very useful for engaging and creating connections with your audience. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen engagement with your staff - so why wouldn’t you use this powerful tool?! Video has become more cost effective than ever before, whether you produce these videos in-house or outsource to a video production specialist. 

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Many of our clients use internally video for in-house training, announcements on the company intranet, quarterly updates about the company’s successes/failures, personalised videos for employees to celebrate birthdays, great pitches, meeting a target, anniversary of their employment, etc. The list could go on! 

We recently produced a training video for Synthomer, to raise awareness to their employees about safety - Stay out of the Line of Fire.

That’s just one example of how an internal video helped an organisation. 

External video marketing is already more widely recognised for external communications. We all know of a marketing team that regularly creates and publishes video content to drive awareness, engagement and conversion online. It’s used on social media, TV commercials and online on business’ websites to spread the word about their product or service. It drives a huge amount of traffic for brands, and is known to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. 

Our team film events, promotional campaigns, social media videos, and more. They all have their purposes and it varies on what the brand’s strategy is. 

Have you considered producing a video for internal or external use? We’d love to hear your ideas. Send us an email to info@digifish.tv, we’d love to discuss your next video.